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April 16, 2019by Road link trips


Ramadan is the annual Muslim festival of fasting, sacrifice and worship — gets underway across the world and will last for 29 or 30 days .

Ramadan is the most important time of the year for Muslims. It’s a time for reflection and increased devotion as like different festivals in different religions.

Handy Tips For Tourists:




#1 Accept invitations for Iftar

If you are invited by an Emirati to dine at their home for an Iftar (the evening meal after sunset), it’s polite to accept and a wonderful way to experience authentic Emirati culture. Hence, Be sure to take a box of dates.


2# Share a Ramadan greeting

Greet people with Ramadan salutations: Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan Mubarak!


#3 Dress appropriately

Furthermore Guidelines for dressing in public areas are well established. So Try to be especially considerate during Ramadan, and cover your shoulders and knees in loose-fitting clothing , because that may not be appropriate.


#4 Be charitable

Join in and contribute towards the many fundraising and charitable events, including Iftar meal drives, that are organised during the month.


#5 Be patient and respectful

Practising patience and kindness is a way of supporting those who are fasting, and will be well received.


#6 Check business hours

Most restaurants, shops and government agencies in the city have different working hours during Ramadan, so be sure to call ahead before you venture out.



#1 Eat or drink in public

People are expected to refrain from eating, drinking and chewing gum in public. However, several restaurants are open during the day with discreet dining areas for those who are not fasting.


#2 Turn up your stereo

Similarly , If you happen to listen to music, use headphones and keep the volume low. Some lyrics may not be appropriate for people fasting and as s result it may interrupt or disturb their state of mind.


#3 Smoke in public areas

Just like due to eating and drinking, certainly you are expected to refrain from smoking in public during the fasting hours.


Since Islam is Dubai’s official religion, the city transforms during the season, giving visitors a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience.
Many businesses, stores, restaurants, and attractions will be closed or open during abbreviated hours to observe the Holy month with family and to pray, so you may have to do a little extra planning in advance.

From food to sightseeing, we’ll give you a glimpse into the other side of Dubai’s fast-paced city life. And show how you can turn holidaying in Ramadan, the holy month of fasting and charity, into a culturally enriching experience:

#1 Feast Iftar Style

The meal with which Muslims break their fast every evening is a celebratory occasion in Dubai city. From all-you-can-eat feasts to grand iftar tents, the city bursts into life post sunset. From the finest Arabic and Emirati dishes to shisha and board games, iftar is a wonderland for food lovers and great to interact with locals.

While you’re here during Ramadan, do try suhoor, a meal taken before dawn (a pre-fast meal).

This year , here are few places you can visit in Dubai for iftar buffets and special suhoor spreads (Price for a buffet ranges from 150 to 250 Dirhams):

Al Bustan Rotana, Anantara Dubai the Palm Resort & Spa, Atlantis, The Palm, Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City, Four Points by Sheraton, Sheikh Zayed Road.

#2 Stay At A Discount



Travelling to Dubai on a budget has never been easier! therefore With high end hotels providing fabulous Ramadan deals and discounts, you can save more while holidaying in Dubai. Look out for hotels in prime locations; some of them even offer iftar and suhoor meals as a part of the Dubai Ramadan special packages.

#3 Say Goodbye To Crowds



Dubai is known for life in the fast lane. During Ramadan, however, everything shifts into slow gear. Work hours are shorter and shopping malls are quieter. The advantage is that Dubai is ‘less touristy’ in this month.

Most of the tourist attractions are open during the day and you will not have to wait in long queues. It’s seems easier to get tickets for landmarks like Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and fun places like Wild Wadi Waterpark.

#4 Shop At Ramadan Night Market



A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a shopping fiesta, because as many would agree. And the Ramadan Night Market, held at Za’abeel Hall World Trade Centre Dubai, is the perfect place to do that.


The market is more like a bazaar with over 400 outlets. There are interactive workshops, kids’ special area, henna artists and lots more! You can visit the night market during the last 10 days of Ramadan for Eid shopping.

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Your Perfect Guide for Travelling Dubai During Ramadan