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London is an ideal destination for those who are looking for places for fashion, antiques, crafts or delicious food with a wide range of options to choose from, including high-end boutiques, vast shopping centers and markets. Here is a thing, out of 100 brilliant places to visit in London you will be flabbergasted to know there are twenty thousand restaurants in London. The best of all, eat from around the globe at a range of prices— from the fine restaurants to coolest food trucks, from hole-in-the-wall basement dens to fine dining haunts and much more dotted around this amazing city. I know it’s hard to believe, but don’t miss the chance to this delightful journey of iconic restaurants in London. Once you visit London, escaped the City for a life chewing, guzzle, manducate food safari in London. It’s more difficult to select the best out of all where to eat, where to drink, but you can choose by their splurging flavors Chinese to Mexican, from Israel to the Mediterranean, Japanese to Korean, Authentic American to the royal flavor of Indian cuisine, etc. So, let’s start the journey of the world’s great culinary destination:

Harwood Arms

The Harwood Arms, the only Michelin Starred pub in London serves award-winning food and wine in a casual and relaxed setting. The service is excellent, each dish is beautifully presented and delivered on refined cookery. For the meat lovers, the meat is exquisite and an epic example of perfect broil, plus a pleasant salad of dandelion, gherkin, apple, radish, and parsley is served as an accompaniment.
After dining at Harwood Arms, how can we forget their signature bowl of warm lemon curd and sherbet doughnuts with whipped cream & heather honey, well worth every bite to ends the food journey to heaven

The Palomar

The Palomar cozy and comfortable vibes attract food lovers around the world. Dining at the Palomar will be going to be a great experience of modern-day Jerusalem inspired food, that’s inspired by Jewish, Arabic and Mediterranean traditions. The food will take you far away with their extraordinarily fresh flavors from Israel and the Mediterranean. There are a handful of dishes that you would love to try, but in my advice, but don’t miss their mouth-wateringly signature dish, the Shakshukit beef and lamb, with pistachios and pine nuts.

Dishoom Shoreditch

This dazzling restaurant is designed in an old post-colonial ‘Irani cafés’ of Bombay. Maybe you wouldn’t like to feast your taste buds with Indian cuisines but believe me, it’s worth visiting this vintage restaurant and try their innovative cocktails and the unique ambiance that’s filled with sumptuous spices. How about Indian inspired breakfast hot chocolate chai, sausage naans and spicy Bombay omelet’s or if you didn’t get time to go for breakfast than you must order the streaky bacon or the chicken ruby curry and lamb chops on your lunch table.

Brasserie Zédel

It’s a stunning restaurant with the 1920s themed dining room, elegant bar with slick service and astonishingly affordable prices. The place is huge as it also encompasses a ground floor cafe, a bar, and a cabaret venue and a lot more but its best to impress your date or looking for some glamorous place to go. Brasserie Zedel itself is a vast basement restaurant where the décor more opulent, which imitates a glamorous Parisian brasserie. They have delicious satisfying dishes from Hurricane cocktail to Soufflé Glacé au Café, Crème Anglaise to start with their bread and the steak haché will the best deal.


Hoppers is the ideal place to go, a strong foundation is vital ingredients for this popular dining spot. It’s a beautiful tiny place with warm wooden interiors that feature vintage terracotta tiles, rattan ceiling details, and exposed brick walls. Hoppers bring a delightful dish with a great depth of the spice of Asian flavors, from lightly fried fluffy potatoes to the kaapi (Indian coffee), from Cocktails feature a heady mix of spirits including Arrack to a flaky, crispy bowl-shaped pancake, and so on. Their menu includes a selection of “short eats” to larger mains course, you can go for amazing duck egg Kari and Brinjal Moju or munching through a very moreish bowl of batter-fried cashew, cassava, and ash plantain fry, everything going to be incredibly good over there. Don’t forget to try their Dosa paired with an assortment of chutneys and spicy curries with retro Indian music playing softly in the background.

Borough Market

This food safari would be incomplete without visiting the largest and oldest food market in London. This oldest fruit and veg market now has over 100 food stalls dotted around, particularly known for high-quality fresh produce ranges from seasonal produce to international fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and seafood, a vast array of cheeses and bakery items, and so much more. It’s more like a wonderland for foodies, places where they can try free samples of delicious food to friendly traders who would love to answer their questions, where the food is sensational that their nose will pick up a hundred different spices blending into a culinary bouquet of aromas. You can eat and buy whatever catches your eye, but in my advice must-try meat pie at Ginger Pig, the Kappacasein cheese toastie, or saucissons at The French Comté or cheddar to stinky cheese or oysters from Richard Haward and the lot more, but that will appeal to most everyone’s palate.

Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market is a fair example of a smaller market featuring plenty of fabulous vendors with high-quality foodstuffs on offer. Some arches have little restaurants in them, while others have stalls line the rest of the space with an eclectic mix of colorful tables and chairs outside in the alley. Stalls are selling old favorites to new styles of foods enough to spoil your taste buds of virtuous vegetarians or confirmed carnivores. The top-notch global food vendors serving everything from cheerful lemon tarts to open-face beetroots, like steak and chips with chimichurri, Chinese dumplings to Belgian waffles, Italian pasta to pastries, and so on. This market has a combination of stalls, under-arch shops, pop-up wine bars, and eateries offer a fresh produce foods that you must try at L’Emporio, St John Bakery, Greek-style dips made with beetroot or avocado, the ubiquitous burger and marinated pork sandwiches to the mouth-watering grilled cheese sandwich loaded with Keens Cheddar, onion and bacon cooked to a lovely crisped, chestnut brown.

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Food safari - London