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November 12, 2018by Road link trips


Hey you!
Yes, you the one reading.

So in all probability you are here after reading the title. You are in the right place.
Planning a perfect family vacation is a task that is really hard to crack. Something somewhere always
gets left behind or we are just unprepared for a certain situation. But if you take care of these things
mentioned below, you can certainly plan a near perfect vacation. (Nothings ever going to be pitch
perfect, remember?)

When going out with your family make sure to book a two room suit for a more comfortable
stay. If getting sleep is your only motive then it doesn’t really matter but when you want to
relax , enjoy, have a few drinks then letting your kids have fun in another room is the best
move forward.

2. Bookings.
Yes, nobody wants to roam around looking for hotels and rooms. Nobody would like to wait
for eternity for their cabs and vans to arrive. Booking in advance is your best bet. It saves
time and sometimes even money.
Oh yes, peace of mind comes free too with it.

3. Patient with the kids.
The essence of all family trips is that the kids should definitely have fun. Sometimes they can
be demanding. They can be clingy. They can cry out loud in the plane itself. They can get
upset even over a slight change. But hey, that is why we call them kids right?
Being patient with them is the key.

4. Insurance.
A little serious but very important. Do not leave your house without a travel insurance. It is
most important for your kids and other family members. Everyone’s safety should be your
first priority.

5. Travel when many people aren’t.
Yes I know you’re reaction.

Because travelling during holidays , summer vacations etc makes most sense. But just get
this straight, people all over are free if you are during these holidays and the prices are at
their peak.
So why not wait a little and pay less PLUS enjoy more. Beaches are the most beautiful when
they are less crowded, aren’t they?

6. Don’t plan everything out.

Yes. This may sound a bit weird, but where booking your hotels and travel well in advance is
important, and good. We should just leave some things unplanned and take the decision on
the spot. It adds to the thrill and makes your trip more flexible because moods, do change.
Don’t they? And anyway who wants to work as per schedule even on a trip.
Old saying- Unplanned trips are the best trips.

7. Carry first aid kit
Safety. Safety. Safety.
You don’t want to be screaming for help and running here and there in middle of a trek. The
best bet out is to carry a first aid kit and.
Every trip taken teaches us something. So yes, don’t think too much and just enjoy. Your
next trip will be the one to remember.

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Family Travel Tips