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November 12, 2018by Road link trips


India being a vast country is house to various routes that are beautiful, serene and even eye
popping. A trip is always an exciting proposition but when you take the trip by yourself through
Roads it only adds to the excitement and thrill.
We, here have complied some of the best road trips in India that you can take.

1. Manali to leh highway – This road is open for roughly 5 months in a year. Spanning a length
of about 479 km this is the one of the most adventurous, thrilling and picturesque road trips
you can ever take. 2 days is what it takes roughly to complete the journey.

2. Mumbai to pune expressway– Been through a rough week? So all you need to do is take a
road trip right through this way. Lush green and beautiful surroundings is all that you will
need to calm those nervy nerves down. Some of the dhabas along the way is also a fun spot
to eat.
3. Shimla to manali ( via mandi)- Stretching across 250 km this indeed is one of the best road
trips that one can take. With river beas flowing alongside the road, what more is it that you
can possibly ask for? Don’t forget to take a break and have fun jumping in river. Water
though is ice cold.

4. Ghuwati to tawang– A 520 km trip that will take approximately 10 hours for you to cover. A
slightly difficult one, but a few pauses here and there will help you complete the trip without
much fuss.

5. Pamban bridge – A 13.5 km long trip that can be easily covered in 20 minutes but believe me
this is one of the few road trips you would want to continue for a bit longer. Ocean under
your feet and a cool breeze blowing and kissing your face is sometimes the magical stress
buster that you were looking for everywhere.

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Best Road Trips In India