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Inspiring Bali

Bali is a very special place. Almost everyone falls in love with this Indonesian island on sight and ask anyone who has ever been to Bali, people will tell you that this place changed their lives. But Bali has two very different faces. You should for instance avoid Kuta with all the tourists whereas Canggu, a little further away, is all about cool surfers. And in Ubud you are in the spiritual center of the island. Depending on what you are looking for Bali will really help you with your search.

Get yourself a scooter and explore this incredible island on your own terms. The lush green and the rice terraces around Ubud will really inspire you. In the city you find several yoga centers, healers and really good vegetarian restaurants.

As a ranger In South Africa

How about a whole new task, a new profession, being a ranger in Africa for example? In South Africa you can train to become a ranger in a few months and then dive into a whole new world: you learn more about Africa’s wildlife, about lions, elephants, rhinos and giraffes. You learn to read their tracks and body language, you learn how to gauge how close you can get to them and when to shut up and not move.

Burano, italy

If you’ve lost the color and passion in your life, Burano, Italy is calling your name. This captivating, vibrant island is located in the Venetian Lagoon. It’s the perfect destination if you’re craving to color in the remainder of your personal storybook.

The colorful houses are Burano’s main eye-catcher. Be aware, however, that you don’t confuse the Burano island with that of Murano. The latter is famous for its gorgeous glass and is definitely worth visiting. Burano is an island where a lot of fishermen used to live. According to a local legend they chose to paint their houses in different colors so that they could see them from far awat while they fishing.


This picturesque village situated on the top of a cliff (overlooking a captivating view of the ocean) is best known for its blue domed churches and bright white Cycladic houses. You’ll experience views like no other from the top, and you’ll instantly lose your heart to everything this charming area has to offer.

This spectacularly beautiful place is one of the most scenic in all the Greek Islands. Picturesque and world renowned, Santorini must be seen to be believed. Take a dip in the turquoise waters, walk around the beautiful villages and dine in the fine restaurants, Santorini will steal your heart.


This magical place actually exists IRL, and it’s dubbed the “Sea Of Stars.” When oxygen upsets a micro-organism in the water, the magnificent, sparkling effect shimmers to the surface. The glowing beach is located on Vaadhoo Island, one of the islands of Raa Atoll. This small island is inhabited by less than 500 people. Irrespective of its size and population, the beach island has earned global recognition and appreciation for its magical Sea of Stars. While the place has long been a secret, it now remains a must visit attraction for tourists visiting Maldives.

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Best places for Traveling and Finding Yourself