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Are you a foodie? Check out the top destinations for food trips in India. From desi flavors to the international cuisines, these destinations have everything a foodie dream of. Go through the list and plan your next food trip with


The city of Golden Temple has everything a foodie think of. Karha Prashad and the world famous Amritsari Kulcha have marked their tastes in the International food festivals too.

Best Location In India For Foodies
Best Location In India For Foodies

Makki di roti te sarson da saag along with Lassi are the favorite dishes for the tourists.

Best Location In India For Foodies


From road side snacks to the sweet dishes, the list of delicacies is never ending in Kolkata. Bengali Roshogulla, Sondesh, Chanachur, the sea food and so many mouth watering dishes make this place magical for food lovers.

Best Location In India For Foodies
Best Location In India For Foodies
Best Location In India For Foodies


The rich culture and tempting dishes make Delhi a must visit place to try for foodies. From the famous Paranthe wali gali, local chaat , the Tibetan food to the internationally acclaimed delicacies, Delhi has everything.


Food in goa contains an exotic mixture of sea and spices. Food in Goa simply means delicious Indian snacks, fantastic fish and much more. The best sea food of India can be tasted in Goa.


The rich food culture of Jaipur is spreading all across the India. The well known mouth watering Dal Bathi Churma, Ghevar, Kachori and much more local dishes has their own varieties and taste.


Lucknow is a heaven on earth for non-vegetarian food lovers. Everybody must have craved for the famous Tundey Kebabs of Lucknow. Apart from the Kebabs, Lucknow has one of the best food outlets for food lovers.


Having a million hawkers, one can easily find variety of patties, puris, kebabs , lassi and many more local snacks. Amchi Mumbai give your taste buds a memorable and long lasting treat.


Every foodie is familiar with the heavy named Gujju snacks like Fafda, Khakhra, Dhokla, Thepla and the list goes on. Ahmedabad has high standards in terms for perfect food preparation.


From Biryani to Kebabs to sweet dishes, the list of delicious food dishes from Hyderabad is never ending. This place is world famous for its royal cuisine.


Kochi is also known as the Food paradise of Kerala. Apart from beaches, house boats and Ayurvedic spa, Kochi has a lot to offer for the food lovers.


Being from Chandigarh, we can not miss our place to list in the top destinations for foodies. Chandigarh has a number of famous local snacks outlets which a foodie will crave for. Local Golgappas, Paapdi chaat, Chhole Bhature and non-vegetarian curries are few of them.

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Best Location In India For Foodies